Portrait of Cian Drewry

Cian Drewry, PA-C

 Medical:   I discovered medicine while working as an ocean lifeguard and talking to my stand partner whom was going to Paramedic soon.  After awhile I didn’t want to just hear the stories of medicine but wanted to participate in it.  I started out as a voluntary EMT-B in 2004.  I became a Paramedic and moved to Florida in 2008.  Despite loving prehospital care I realized one cant make a living as a Paramedic given low pay and went back to school.  I graduated from University of Florida PA school and worked in various ERs since 2013.  

     Non-medical:  In my spare time I am an avid kiteboarder and cave diver.  I have an amazing wife, two dogs, and a cat.  A random skill I have is I’m able to ride a unicycle while juggling fire.